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Now I'm a real DAer! Or something.
Taken from :iconormsqueak:!

When did you join DA and why?
April 12, 2003 says my front page. I don't remember precisely why, but I was probably stalking :iconraithesheep: here. ^^; Why didn't you internet-punch 14-year-old me again, Rai?

What was the first deviation you uploaded?
Uh. I don't remember. Even before I left I probably had deleted it out of shame. My galleries have a high turnover rate...
It was probably that blue phoenix picture I was so damn proud of though

How many deviations have you submitted?
Right now? 38. And that's only halfway through my sketchbook backlog. x_x

Do you submit everything you create?
PFFF no. I don't have time for that sort of scanfest...

Do you read all the comments you get?
Yes! They make me happy. :D (or just confused, it depends on the content)

Do you reply to all the comments you get?
No.. >>; I should.

Do you read all the favourites/watches you get?
Yes again. It's interesting to see who likes what, and it makes me super gleeful when my art's in favs with a lot of much better art. :D Being in good company and all that.

Do you prefer comments or favs?
Either makes me happy, though I guess I'd lean on the side of favs. A comment says to me that you looked and left, but a fav means you like it enough to have to look at it every time you browse your favorites.

How much time do you spend on Deviantart?
DeviantArt is a BLACK HOLE @_@ I have lost literally hours just browsing around this site looking at arts. It's worse than Wikipedia, I swear.

Do you think that DeviantArt is good for critique?
No. :| I wish it was, but it is not.

Do you think there's a lot of drama on DA?
Ditto Ormsqueak- "I'm pretty sure there is, but I manage to avoid it."

Do you think DA would be better if it filtered out people who are not serious at artwork or causing too much drama?
.... that'd be like half the people here, wouldn't it?

Do you think the age limit should be higher than 13 for creating an account?
Nope. Give noobs a chance!

Do you go on the DA forums?
Never seen them.

Would you buy a subscription? Why or why not?
I am quite tempted. Getting rid of ads and seeing a billion pictures per page would be nice, but I don't know what the going rate on those things is.
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Submitted on
January 24, 2009